Turn 'em Green

A New Kind of Word Puzzle

Introducing Turn 'em Green

Turn ‘em Green is an original word game that takes a unique twist on the word puzzle genre.

The goal is simple: turn all the tiles green by forming words. Sounds easy? Give it a try!

The game features hundreds of challenging puzzles that start simple but get progressively more difficult.


Turn 'em Green is available in two editions:

  • The Full version available on a "pay once" basis is free of adverts or in-app purchases.
  • The Lite version available to download free and funded through advertising banners

Both versions feature different sets of levels. If you get addicted to the game you can always download both and get access to over 1200 carefully designed levels.

Download Full Version

Get it on Google Play

Download Lite Version

Get it on Google Play


We think Turn 'em Green is great, just check out some of the features:

Full Version

Over 700 levels of fun. Pay once, no adverts!

Lite Version

Another 500+ levels of puzzle action, free to download!

Challenging and Fun

Perfect for passing time during daily commutes

Level Complexity

Different board sizes, word lengths and number of tile faces

Easy to learn and play

Simple to learn but hard to master

Playing Styles

Casual gaming and challenge based playing styles


Hints available when you get really stuck

Device Support

Available for Apple iOS and Android devices